Application of Wireless scanner

- Dec 20, 2018-

1. Wireless Scanner : Logistics Express

It can be used for data acquisition and recording of receipt and dispatch, data acquisition and recording of transit station and warehouse. By scanning express bar code, the information of the waybill can be transmitted directly to the back-end server through 2.4G module. At the same time, it can realize the query of relevant business information and other functions.

2. Wireless Scanner : Logistics Distribution

Typically, there are tobacco distribution, warehouse inventory, postal distribution, terminal distribution of major commodity manufacturers, drug distribution, on-site logistics of large factories and so on.

3. Wireless Scanner : Data Acquisition of Chain, Store and Counter

It can be used to collect and transmit data such as purchase, sale, storage, inventory, adjustment, withdrawal, subscription and membership management. It can also realize inventory of stores.

4. Shoe and clothing order meeting

Based on WIFI wireless communication technology, the order data can be wirelessly transmitted to the back-end order meeting system by scanning barcode with wireless scanning gun. At the same time, the function of query, statistics and analysis can be realized.

5. Card Management

Used to manage various IC cards and contactless IC cards, such as ID cards, membership cards, etc. The main expansion function of the scanner is read and write of contact/non-contact IC card.

6. Bill Management

It is used for data acquisition of cinema tickets, train tickets, scenic spot tickets and other inspection units.

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