Application of industrial liquid crystal display

- Nov 07, 2018-

With the development of IPC technology, industrial computer is more and more applied to all walks of life, not only in the field of industrial control. With IPC, it is necessary to have industrial-grade professional displays. Because CRT displays used to be bulky and bulky, they did not get too deep product development and application.

Now with the large-scale production of LCD and the reduction of cost, large electronic manufacturers all over the world have invested in it, and some large companies have also introduced their own industrial TFT LCD module. With the application market in the industrial field, industrial professional display products are derived. They are widely used because of their metal shell, touch screen, anti-seismic, anti-jamming and other advantages. According to the way of customer installation, we can roughly divide into several kinds of products:

1, embedded industrial displays

2, open industrial displays

3. Flip chip industrial displays.

4. Rack type industrial displays

5, wall mounted industrial displays

Embedded industrial professional display

As the name implies, embedded industrial professional display is embedded in the products of customers. The products of customers need a large and medium-sized control cabinet. Our embedded industrial display only has panel. The rest of the embedded industrial display is pushed into the customer equipment and fixed with a hook at the back. (Large control cabinet only needs to be installed according to our embedded display.) The opening size of the figure is opened with a generous hole) no installation holes are required elsewhere.

Open industrial professional display

Open industrial professional display is no face frame shell, only internal, most of the customer's applications are mainly small equipment has exquisite shell, there is not much room to install general display, such as ATM, commercial POS, etc., are generally installed in the customer equipment.

Flip chip industrial professional display

Inverted industrial display is installed in the customer's cabinet and equipment in the opposite direction. It is installed inside the customer's machine. Unlike open industrial display, it has a power supply shell, and its edge coincides with the edge of the customer's cabinet. It is generally used in large and medium-sized equipment, such as electric power, machinery and medical industry.

Rack type industrial professional displays

The rack industrial display is mounted on a 19-inch cabinet with a standard 19-inch width and a standard U number of mounting holes. It is commonly used in large cabinets such as telecommunications, power, large servers, etc.

Wall mounted industrial professional displays

Wall-mounted industrial display features can be hung up, not only only on the wall, most of them are installed on customers'equipment. It can adjust the angle according to customers' requirements, with the appropriate installation arm, it can stay at any position for users to watch, generally used in small, medium and large equipment.

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