Application of Android Integrative Machine for High Definition Vehicle Recognition

- Mar 27, 2019-

In the fast-growing cities, automobiles have entered our life circle extensively, bringing us a lot of convenience for travel, but also bringing pressure to our travel road. With the progress of science and technology, high-definition vehicle identification Android integrated machine also came into being. It has been gradually put into use in the field of parking lots, which has solved some problems of parking difficulties and long queues. Here's a brief introduction of Jiawei Xiaobian:

The emergence of license plate recognition system avoids this phenomenon. By capturing the license plate number of entering and exiting vehicles, the vehicle license plate recognition Android integrative machine realizes the opening of the gate and the release of the vehicle. We know that the license plate number is the only identification information of the vehicle. Through the license plate number, we can know the information of the vehicle. At the same time, the vehicle license plate recognition integrative machine can not only recognize the vehicle. The license plate information can also capture the vehicle type, body and so on. It saves the picture of vehicle entering and exiting, effectively guarantees the car owner's parking safety. At the same time, for the parking lot, the car owner's parking information can be inquired through the snapshot record of entering and exiting, so as to avoid the situation of false alarm of losing information.

For some parameters configuration has been relatively cumbersome, which is largely to ensure that the best recognition effect can be achieved by precisely adjusting the camera imaging, light supplement, algorithm of each link. As a typical pattern recognition algorithm, license plate recognition Android Integrative Machine has been expecting higher image resolution. From the development of these years, it can be seen that with the improvement of resolution, the number of lanes covered by a single camera increases gradually. At present, the mainstream license plate recognition integrator can cover three lanes separately.

HD vehicle recognition Android integrative machine, small size, low power consumption, strong budget capability, rich interface, with a variety of image and sound output capabilities. Outdoor with good dust-proof, waterproof, anti-seismic and interference capabilities. Effective implementation of intelligent management, cantilever installation, fully improve the overall beauty, save space, thus greatly improving the efficiency of access.

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