Application and customization of all-three-track magnetic stripe card reader | card swipe CCS100 in self-service terminal equipment

- Nov 28, 2018-

All-three-track magnetic stripe card reader | swipe card reader MSR100 is a three-track card reader with high and low resistance, compact size, convenient application, with indicator lights and buzzers, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, high decoding success rate and strong decoding ability for weak magnetic card.

All-three-track magnetic stripe card reader | swipe card MSR100 can directly transmit ASCII characters through RS232, USB, TTL and other communication protocols. It has data display in the position specified by the cursor in HID-Keyboard mode. In HID-Custom mode, users can get magnetic card data by writing DLL/OCX provided by software call.

All three-track magnetic stripe card reader | card swipe MSR100 compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac systems. Readable card reader reads the data set start and end, return, character replacement and track selection.

All-three-track magnetic stripe card reader | swipe card MSR100 is compact and can be embedded in various self-service terminal devices, such as multi-function keyboard, self-service terminal, access control terminal equipment, POS terminal equipment, vehicle terminal equipment.

Support customization, including interface customization (USB port, serial port, TTL interface, keyboard port, RS485 interface, aviation head, bare wire head, etc.), support customization of communication protocols (RS232 communication, USB communication, USB-HID communication, RS485 communication, etc.), support customization of functions (such as turning on and off indicator lights, turning on and off honeybees, voice, etc.). Length control; support starter, terminator, etc.)

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