Android machine use in the cinema scene

- Apr 11, 2019-

With the improvement of people's quality of life, touch technology has become a simple human-machine communication device. It gives multimedia a new look and is an attractive new multimedia interactive device. Touch Android Cinema All-in-One technology features high contact resolution, high reliability, and can work in harsh environments without being affected by harsh environments such as dust, dirt, water and glare.

Nowadays, the big-screen touch Android one-machine entertainment channel is more stimulating to the users, which significantly surpasses the traditional entertainment channel mode; it solves the scenes of queuing plus ticket inspection, long time and low efficiency.


Now by touching the Android one-piece system, the terminal customer can input the movie number on the touch screen and input the corresponding verification code, which can complete the one-stop service from order to ticket collection, and through the information means to open the order to take Tickets, 4K screen display, more realistic display in the eyes of end customers. Can display a variety of movie programs with renderings, scene content map, customers understand, do not need to explain; customers can click on the query to watch movie information, scene maps, prices and so on. More intuitive, better information communication, and better natural transactions; you can play computer videos, movie introductions, content introductions, service information, etc., to fully demonstrate the appeal of your videos.

The introduction of the large-size touch Android one machine technology has injected new vitality into the traditional operation method. Sound, picture, film and television animation content is lively and lively--Multimedia theater seems to have become the new fashion today, this large-size touch Android one machine theater contact: LCD display + configuration host + infrared multi-touch screen + video resource library. The cinema terminal Android one machine adopts industrial-grade display-level components, with flexible configuration and strong expansion. It is very convenient to install and maintain in the cinema, which is effective for the user's experience and takes up little space. The display with capacitive touch is easy to operate and has high sensitivity. The brightness sensor is used to adjust the brightness automatically.

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