Android machine in the use of scanning terminal

- Apr 09, 2019-

With the continuous development of science and technology, the traditional scanning terminal can not meet the needs of users, and the new generation of scanning terminal is born to conform to the development of modern intelligent mode, which is accurate, fast, objective and low cost. Other advantages have been promoted and applied in many fields, especially in scanning detection technology. In the future, with the full spread of industrial automation, the application of self-service scanning Android one will be further expanded.

Modern intelligent scanning terminal technology is the basis of innovation and development. The clarity and efficiency of scanning explain the progress of society and the level of scientific and technological development to a certain extent. Scanning self-service terminals are characterized by objectivity, non-contact and accuracy. Compared to general image and word processing systems, the system emphasizes accuracy, speed, and reliability in an industrial field environment.

For the requirements of the Android and all-in-one machines in the commercial and market, combined with the assembly mode of the all-in-one machine, according to the actual scene and the application of the environment, the appropriate operation control hardware equipment, reasonable design and motion control platform of the LCD alignment system are selected. . Based on the existing scanning equipment, the industrial camera, optical lens, image acquisition card and other hardware suitable for the system are selected and combined to make the function more powerful.

Scanning self-service terminal Android one machine adopts industrial-grade display-level components, with flexible configuration and strong expansion. It is very convenient to install and maintain in the scanning self-service terminal, which effectively improves the user experience and takes up little space. The display with capacitive touch is easy to operate and has high sensitivity. A brightness head is used to automatically adjust the sharpness.

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