Analysis of Common Faults in Use of Supermarket Cashier

- Jan 11, 2019-

Failure 1: Cashbox pop-up has no power:

1. After using for a period of time, it may be due to insufficient lubricating oil and increased friction. Lubricating oil should be added.

2. Insufficient pulse width (insufficient delay) to open the wallet

3. Insufficient elasticity of spring or crank arm to propel the money box.

Failure 2: The ribbon in the external printer of supermarket cash register can't be removed

1. Check the color to prevent proper viewing of printers

2. Check if the ribbon is stuck.

3. Check whether the printer is on.

Failure 3: The supermarket cash register printer does not produce paper;

1. When working, the cash register printer suddenly does not produce paper. First, check whether there is heat-sensitive cash register paper in the printer and replace it in time.

2. Check if there is cash register paper. When we are working, we press the printer and observe the screen of the supermarket cash register software system. If there is nothing, it may be that there is a problem with the printer or the connection of the cash register circuit.

3. Check whether there is any paper jam in the printer of supermarket cash register. If the paper jam needs to be made immediately, then contact the supplier technicians in time to solve the problem according to their guidance. It's really not necessary to ask the technicians for repairs.]

4. Check whether the connection of the printer is normal, check whether there is any malfunction inside the printer (if all the above checks are normal, the last one is better to contact technical personnel for maintenance).

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