Analysis and solution of blank label paper when printing barcode machine

- Jul 12, 2018-

Analysis and solution of blank label paper when printing barcode machine


When the bar code printer is changing paper or changing carbon tape, it is easy to jump paper when printing with a bar code printer, and the position of the printed label is not correct. Now let's introduce the problem and solution of the blank paper appearing in the barcode printer.


Cause analysis and solution of blank label paper when barcode printer is printed


1. Incorrect installation of label paper. Please re-install barcode label paper according to the steps above.


2. The position of the paper sensor is incorrect. When you lift the print head, you see that there is a paper detector where the paper is crossed. The detector needs to be covered by the paper, then the barcode printer can be properly adapted to the size of the paper.


3. The bar code label paper setting is different from the actual size. In the "paper" tab of the software "page setup" for editing barcode label paper, reset it. It is recommended that the actual height of the bar code label paper be measured with a ruler before printing, and then set the label correctly.


4. Paper sensor dirty, rinse paper sensor with anhydrous alcohol, turn off printer power before cleaning. Re operate the "paper detection", press the FEED button and hold for 3 seconds in standby time, and the 3 LED lights will flicker at the same time.


5. The gap between the code label paper is not standard. When some label paper is processed, the size of the label paper produced by the machine or the mold is different, which causes the bar code printer to be unable to induce the size of the label paper.


6. Bar code bottom label is too thick or irregular label paper. If the bottom paper is too thick, or the label paper is irregular, it will also cause the printer cant induce the size of the paper.


7. sensor failure. If none of the above methods can be solved, there may be problems with paper sensors.


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