Advantages of office all-in-one

- Feb 25, 2020-

Simple and wireless: Simple and optimized line connection method, only one power cable can be used to complete all connected computers to automatically shut down. Reduced speaker cable, camera cable, video cable, network cable, keyboard cable, mouse cable, etc .;

Save space: The office all-in-one has a high degree of integration, takes a thin and light route, and has a low space occupancy. It is just a "display" placed on the desktop; for example, the latest onebot M24B1, which has a body size of only 6.8mm, can save 70 % Of desktop space.

Fashionable appearance: The most unique feature of the office all-in-one is the simple and stylish physical design, which is more in line with the purpose of modern people to save space and beautiful home;

Energy saving and environmental protection: All-in-one computer is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the power consumption is only 1/3 of that of a traditional split desktop (the split desktop consumes 1 kWh for 2 hours, and the integrated machine consumes 1 kWh for 6 hours) Small electromagnetic radiation

Large screen and high performance: It uses the same components as desktop computers, and its performance is comparable to that of desktop computers. It is stronger than notebooks of the same price, and it also has the advantages of a large screen that cannot be compared with a notebook. It's also wider.

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