Advantage of SSD

- Oct 10, 2017-

Advantage of SSD


Read and write speed: the use of flash memory as a storage medium, read faster than the mechanical hard drive faster. Solid state hard drive without head, seek time is almost 0. Continued writing speed is very alarming, solid-state hard drive manufacturers will most claim their own solid-state hard drive continue to read and write faster than 500MB / s! Solid-state hard drive is not only reflected in the continuous read and write, random read and write speed is the ultimate solid-state hard disk, which is most directly reflected in the vast majority of daily operations. Associated with the very low access time, the most common 7200 rpm mechanical hard drive seek time is generally 12-14 milliseconds, while the solid-state hard drive can easily reach 0.1 milliseconds or even lower.


Earthquake resistance to drop: the traditional hard disk are disk type, the data stored in the disk sector. And solid-state hard drive is the use of flash memory particles (ie, mp3, U disk and other storage media) made, so SSD solid-state hard drive does not exist inside any mechanical parts, so even in high-speed mobile even with the flip tilt case will not affect the normal Use, and in the event of a collision and shock to the possibility of data loss to a minimum. Compared to traditional hard drives, solid-state hard drive has an absolute advantage.


Low power consumption: SSD power consumption is lower than the traditional hard drive.


No noise: Solid state drives do not have mechanical motors and fans, working at noise levels of 0 dB. Flash-based solid-state drives are less energy-efficient and low-calorie in working conditions (but higher energy consumption for high-end or high-capacity products). There is no mechanical activities within the parts, there will be no mechanical failure, but also not afraid of collision, shock, vibration. As the solid-state hard drive with no mechanical components of the flash memory chip, so with a small heat, heat and fast characteristics.


Wide operating temperature range: A typical hard disk drive can only work in the range of 5 to 55 degrees Celsius. And most solid-state hard drives can work at -10 to 70 degrees Celsius. Solid-state hard drive than the same capacity mechanical hard disk small size, light weight. SSD interface specification and definition, function and use of the same way with the ordinary hard disk, in the product shape and size is also consistent with the ordinary hard drive. The chip's operating temperature range is very wide (-40 ~ 85 degrees Celsius).


Light: solid-state hard drive lighter in weight, compared with conventional 1.8-inch hard drive, light weight 20-30 grams.


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