​Hand-free360 Degree QR Code Scanner For Supermarket

​Hand-free360 Degree QR Code Scanner For Supermarket

Features: 1.Ultra-high-speed two-dimensional imaging technology can read both high-density bar code and wide-width bar code. 2. Excellent screen bar code reading ability,Can directly read the payment bar code on mobile devices. 3. The high speed camera optical technology and the supporting high speed kernel architecture are adopted. 4. Especially suitable for high speed register bar code in retail industry. 5. Stylish, sophisticated, read code scanning window wider and wider. 6. Solid-state hardware design, high durability, stable and reliable.

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Product Details

Hand-free360 degree QR code scanner for supermarket

Model: BS-733N


● New high-resolution chip to interpret various 1D            

     codes/2D codes

● Smooth reading of the barcode and mobile payment      

● Large recognition window, object self-sensing
● Switchable to read only one-dimensional code to prevent     misreading adjacent QR code

● Compatible with Linux, Android, Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 

● Soft color fills light, does not hurt eyes

Model: BS-733N

preparetions before using

Appearance and function:

ID card scanner

The installation and removal of cable protection parts

ID card scanner

Detail picture:

Supported Symbologies :

 1D: EAN-8,EAN-13,EAN-13 2 add-on,EAN-13 5 add-on,ISSN,ISBN,UPC-A,UPC-E,Code11,Code 32,Code 39,Code 93,Code 128,Codabar,Industrial 2 of 5,Interleaved 
2 of 5,Matrix 2 of 5,ISBT-128,GS1-128,GS1 DataBar(RSS14),GS1 DataBar Limited,
GS1 DataBar Expanded.
2D: PDF417,MicroPDF417,QR-code,MicroQR, Data Matrix,QR,Aztec.


Performance Parameters, Model: BS-733N

Light Source

Illumination 650nm  LED

Optical Resolution


Print contrast Signal

25% minimum reflective difference

Field of View:

45° (H) x 35° (V)


360° / ± 65° /  ± 60°   


Blue LED & beeper


USB or RS232Option

Symbologies: 2D

PDF417, MicroPDF417,Data Matrix,
Maxicode,QR Code

Symbologies: 1D

UPC/EAN, Code 128, Code 39, Code 39 , Code 93, Code 11,
Matrix 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2of 5,
Martrix 2 of 5, Codabar, MSI/Plessy, GS1 Databar

Electrical Parameters

Input Voltage

5V DC ±5%

Current - Standby


Current - Operating


Mechanical Parameters

Case Material:



300g (without package); 530g (Include package and accessories)




USB: HID KEYBOARD(default mode)

Environmental Parameters

Operating Temperature

32° to 122° F / 0° to 50° C

Storage Temperature:

-40° to 158° F / -40° to 70° C


5% to 95%, non-condensing

Drop/Shock Specifications

Withstands 10Gs 0.06" double amp

Ambient Light Immunity

Immune to indoor lighting up to 1600 Lux.
Immune to sunlight up to 86,000 Lux.

Decode Ranges and Resolution

Symbol & Density


Code 39 (5 mil)


QR Code (15mil)


Model: BS-733N  Packing method :

ID card scanner

1. MOQ policy

No MOQ limitation for the standard products, but the unit price is different, bigger quantity better price.
For customized production, you can discuss the MOQ with our sales representative directly.

2. Sample Availability & Policy

After customers confirmed the specification, we are very glad to provide samples for testing and qualification.
All samples should be paid before shippment, the samples price is a higher than mass order. When the mass order placed, we can return you the samples cost, or send you more piece products with the shippments.
You can buy the samples from us directly using t/t, western uion, or paypal. 

Scanner Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does not the scanning gun connect to the computer without any reflection?
A: After connecting the scanner to the computer, whether the sound is activated, if you do not start the sound, please check whether you use the cable is normal, the computer is normal. If the connection line to confirm the normal, the computer is normal, it should be the problem of the scanning gun itself. If there is a start sound, but no light, it is basically a problem on the motherboard.

2. Why the scanner has a light out, there are decoding sound, but can not upload data?
A: Probably because there is no corresponding interface, please scan the corresponding interface bar code, it should be noted that the serial port must be used in the super terminal scan, or use the communication program conversion, or will not be able to enter data. If the corresponding interface sweep, it may be a line of the problem.

3. Why can not be used when the keyboard line into the data, and the keyboard can not be used?
A: You did not sweep the corresponding bar code at the keyboard, or there was a problem with your line.

4. Why is my scanning gun connected to the computer after the restart?
A: That may be because your interface power supply is insufficient, you need to add power can be.

5. Why some sweepers sweep some bar code, some bar code sweep?
A: Please confirm whether the code of the bar code you are scanning is open and whether there is any length limit after opening, which may cause the bar code to be read.

Wired Barcode Scanner Frequently Asked Questions

1,press the scan button, the light shot out, and can hear the sound of the drop, with the scan gun driver is not installed or failed, just re-pull out the USB interface can be inserted again.

2,press the scan button, the light shot out is a point or more bleak, this situation is accompanied by a laser bar code scanning gun was broken after the failure, are mechanical failure, need to return to factory maintenance. The new light-sensitive scanning gun, no mechanical structure more durable. If the work environment is often beat the application, it is recommended to choose the new light bar code scanning gun.

3, press the scan button, no light shot, did not hear the sound of the drop, please check the USB connector is plugged in, you can replace a host behind the USB interface to try.

4,some code scanning is normal, some code is not swept out, there may be bar code scanning gun settings prohibit a bar code scanning, read the bar code scanning gun manual, scan the code, the need to open the bar code type can be.

Wireless barcode scanner frequently asked questions

1,Sweep no code, but the handheld part can see the light shot, can hear the drop sound, that the wireless receiver is not a zone with success, or more than the effective distance, or wireless receiver frequency settings and the Frequency does not match. In this case, please first check whether the USB wireless receiver work indicator light is lit, usually wireless receiver and wireless bar code scanning gun part of the successful match, scan bar code, the wireless receiver indicator light will flash The If there is no correct match, please consult the manual or manual, for channel matching and serial number matching (some models may only need to match the channel on it).

2,Scan out the bar code is garbled or Chinese characters. Usually this is due to the reasons for the input method, please turn off the input method on the computer.

3,The scan, the light becomes dim or the sound becomes hoarse, said wireless bar code scanning gun host battery power shortage, need to charge. Usually at least four hours or more.

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